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Here are some key points to remember when designing, selling and installing our channel letter signs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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Installation Steps

  1. Mount the installation pattern to the wall or substrate the sign is to be mounted to. Then drill all the pilot holes for the fasteners.
  2. Drill the power lead holes through the wall or into the substrate for each letter.
  3. Remove the faces and mount the letters to the wall or substrate. Be sure to pass the power lead wires through first, then fasten the letters to using your own fasteners.
  4. Install the electrical box on the opposite side of the wall or mount the transformers inside the substrate.
  5. Connect the power leads from each letter to their respective transformers as per the wiring diagram.
  6. Connect the 120 volt power supply to the transformer box’s external switch and illuminated the sign.
  7. Inspect the sign to ensure that all connections are good and all LEDs are lit.
  8. Install the faces onto each letter making sure all screws are reinstalled.